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Showcase for model train


The showcase described in this article allows is made of 5 shelves, allowing to display HO model train. It is possible to install two railway tracks: each of them can display between 2 and 4 locomotives or wagons.


The top, shelves, bottom left and right side are made in pine. The back is a piece of plywood 4mm.

The windows is made of "polystyrol", that is a kind if glass imitation.

Mechanical clamp

A clamp is an indispensable tool: it is useful to have several of the in the workshop. As usual, I wanted to buy some of them, but why buying when one can build something that exactly fit our needs ?

This project describes the design and manufacturing of a mechanical clamp.

The project is in design phase and documents will be added as I'm creating them.

Tool for centering milling machine on hole

It is tricky to center a milling machine on a hole of a part to be machined. This small cone that can be fixed on a chuck of the turret can be helpful.

Descend the turret until the cone is adjusted in the hole where the milling machine needs to be centered, in taking care not to fix strongly the part to be machined. When the turret is down and the part can only move around it axes, just fix it, and do not forgot to adjust coordinates in CNC controller.


This metal working project is another small tool I was missing when I received my milling machine. It was an excellet exerice as a first project.

The fixture is made pf steel, and U uses M5 screws. The T-Slot is another project described here.

As I'm a beginner, I finished the fixture with sand paper to get it looking nice.

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