Router table

router fence tableA goo way to work accurately with a router is to have it fixed on a table. There are many systems available and, after several research on the web, I opted for the Incra Tool solution (by the way, I'm not paid by Incra to do advertising). I bought the following:

  • Incra Master Lift II.
  • Table saw router table.
  • LS Positioner standard.

I did not buy the stand as I wanted to do something myself.

The stand should respect the following specifications:


  • Be strong enough to work accurately.
  • Have some drawers and doors to store router accessories.
  • Has wheels to be easily moved around the workshop (the floor of my workshop is not very flat).

Building the stand

The stand is rather simple as you can see on the pictures.


The table is made of four feet assembly together via boards and dovetails as shown on the picture. The dovetails are handmade, and everything is glued together. At the beginning, I had some doubts about the rigidity of the assembly.When the glue has dried, the whole assembly is very rigid so I could fix the plateau of the routing table. However, before the wheels have to be fixed. It easier to do it without the plateau fixed.


Fixing the plateau

The plateau can now be fixed. To do this, it is placed upside


 down on a table, then the support (feet and frame) are placed above. The plate is secured with four metal brackets. Center the frame on the plateau, align the first long side and fix it. Make sure the frame is correctly squared before fixing the second side.


This project is easy to do and is very useful in the workshop. It is so useful that I will buy another router engine and fiy it to the table so I can use my routing table without having to install my router on it.


I will upload the plans as soon as I will have cleaned them.