Paper box in wood

Paper box in wood

I made this wood box to test my new Leigh D4R Pro. As I had several paper around my desk, an A4 paper box to collect them and put them in one place was a good start.

It is an easy project that can be made with waste wood you certainly have in your shop.

The box is symmetric: the sides can be cut together two by two.

How to make:

  • First cut the four sides
  • Machine the dovetails on the four sides
  • Machine the groove to fix the bottom
  • Cut the bottom at the right size
  • Make a first assembly test and make sure the bottom can slightly move (1mm)
  • If everything¬†is fine, you can glue the dovetails and fix them with a press.
  • When the glue is dry, you can finish the box in cutting the wood that exceed, and sand down.

The blueprints are attached below.