Open source ERP

ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning. In other works, it is the system that is supposed to managed all aspects of the life of a company. There are large professional ERPs, such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics, but all these systems are by far too expensive for small or even medium size companies.

This is an attempt to enumerate the Open Source ERPs I discovered on the web. The list is not complete anf will evolve as long as I discover new one.

Name License Comments
Odoo   Odoo changed several time his name, fron TinyERP to OpenERP and now Odoo. The business model of the company is following that tendence as well and it is now difficult to say if it is really an Open source system.


  I had a look at this ERP: it looks nice, but I was quickly limited, even for my little needs.


  This is a nice system: however, it is limited to only one currency.


  This is designed for large organizations. The base system is free, but you need to buy some specific modules.
openbravo   Open source, but very expensive