Case for Raspberry and 7'' touchscreen


In a project I'm working on, I'm using a Raspberry, a 7'' touchscreen and a Piface. The electronic de

vices can be fixed on the back of the touchscreen, however, it is not well protected. I did not find any case for

protecting all the electronic mentioned above. That's why I made one.

The case is made of three elements:

  • A screen frame, wider that the screen display, that protect the borders.
  • A brace, sitting between the screen frame and the main body. The goal of the brace is to immobilize the screen
  • The main body of the box, that enclose all electronic.

The case has been made a bit larger that necessary to allow installation of a angled extender on the GPIO connector: this is necessary to power the touch screen while using a Pifacewith it. The two version of the Piface Digital can be 

enclosed in this case.

The three elements of the case are fixes together with four M4 screws.


The assembly is rather simple. However, pay attention when inserting the touch screen in its frame: tolerances are tight and the screen is fragile.

The three parts of the case are fixed together with screws. The nuts are housed in a space provided for this purpose. The screw heads are embedded in the housing.

The box is blue because I'm using it in a water project.



You need a 3D printer large enough. I'm using a Mankati XT Plus.