About Us

About Do-It-Open_Source.org

Do It Open Source is an initiative to create a comunity of people willing to share their knowledge and project they build unde open source licence.

Why Open Source ?

We believe that sharing without rigths limitations knowledge and competence can improve the quality of live while decreasing costs.

Why a community ?

We believe that bringing people together improve creativity and quality of projects.

I do not have any competences

We are convinced that everyone has competences that just needs to ne revealed and that can be useful for the whole community. Sometime, people ignore that what they are doing is based on strong competences, or even under estimate their abilities. You can have competences in many domains such as:

  • Writing
  • Project management
  • Wood Working
  • Designing
  • Painting
  • Metal Working
  • Creativity
  • etc.

There are no limits about competences.