3d printer tip and trick

A 3D printer is not as easy to use as advertisement are telling. When I got my uDelta, I faced (and continue to face) issues I'm trying to solve. I'm sure that others are facing or faced the same issues: that's why I'm publishing my experiences.


Temperature is a tricky part to adjust. It depends on the material, but also from the geometry of the head of the extruder. If the temperature sensor is not closed to the extruder nozzle, you have to take the potential losses into account and increase the temperature set.


I noticed that the bed of the uDelta is not flat. The calibration system takes 3 measures in the the corner of the bed, but as it is not flat, you might have some surprises. Therefore it is important not to tighten too much the screws fixing the bed: this avoid (a bit) its distortion.

I'm thinking of machining a new bed with a milling machine in order to have a flat bed.

Bed surface

The aluminum bed surface is not adequate for printing as the extruder product (PLA in my case) does not hang to it, even after having cleaned it with methylated spirits. I tested several methods:

  • Glass bed: works fine. However, I did not discover any glass bed for my uDelta so I had to cut one myself. Cutting glass is not very easy if you are not experienced with it.
  • Kapton: works fine, but it is not easy to cover the bed with Kapton. In addition, you have to regularly change the kapton as.
  • Glue stick: that's a tip I discovered on the Internet, but did not test yes.
  • Blue tape: I quickly gave up with this as it leaves residues on the printed part.

More will come later...