3D printing projects

Case for Raspberry and 7'' touchscreen


In a project I'm working on, I'm using a Raspberry, a 7'' touchscreen and a Piface. The electronic de

vices can be fixed on the back of the touchscreen, however, it is not well protected. I did not find any case for

protecting all the electronic mentioned above. That's why I made one.

The case is made of three elements:

Beaglebone 7'' touch screen case

The Beaglebone 7'' touch screen is a great tool. As I did not find any case that would suit my needs, I build one.

The case completely covers the screen and the beaglebone, but all connectors are reachable. It is also possible to add extension if extension boards are added to the beaglebone.

The STL files for printing this case are included below.

The  project is not completely finished and I will add the different files and explanation as soon as I will be finished them.

The first available file is the border of the screen.

Support for Sherline mill holder

I do have several Sherline mill holder, but the drawer in which I put them is no high enougth to store them vertically. The only possibility I have is to store them horizontally: however, when I open or close the drawer, they move and clash, resulting in mill brake.

Small Plastic Box

This is a small plastic box made with a 3D printer for my workshop. I did it for organizing my small screws, nuts, whashers, etc.

You will find below the stl file ready to be printed.